Monday, October 31, 2005

The new, improved YAHOO E-MAIL...
Now, made MUCH MORE DIFFICULT than it has to be!

My main e-mail account is through YAHOO, and lately, just lately, they've began doing something "different" every time I send e-mail. After I've typed the e-mail, and hit the "send" button, up pops a "word match" screen. It's (supposedly) easy to do. Yahoo tells you to type the letters you see below, and once you do so correctly, then your e-mail gets sent. Fail it twice, and your e-mail gets flushed and you've gotta start over!

"How hard can this be", you ask. "How could you not be able to match the Yahoo letters, after all, Yahoo puts the letters right in front of you", you might say. To which I reply, "ah, but it's not as easy as it looks." Yahoo gives you DISTORTED LETTERS with lines protruding through them, and some of the letter sequences they've sent me have been impossible to read. Consider the following:

What the HELL is this? "aXB7"? "dVB7"? "aYB7"? See what I mean here? This site,, makes you do a word-match whever you make a "comment", but the "blogger" word-match is far easier than the damn gobbledygook YAHOO throws at me, now, each and every time I send an e-mail. I am never sure I've got the Yahoo word-match "right" until I actually find my e-mail has been sent.

I hope someone from Yahoo googles this blogsite and reads this entry. Yahoo has made e-mail far more DIFFICULT than it needs to be. Just goes to show what happens when computer-nerds with time on their hands get together to make things "better"! We are currently "inventing" ourselves into total obsolescence!


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