Friday, October 28, 2005

I "Googled" MY BLOG!!!

Since I have no social life at all, I have plenty of time for useless activity. Such as, "Googling" myself. So, I thot, for fun, I'd put my blog's title, "Thin Air" into the Google machinery to see what Google would spit back out at me. Turns out I'm not original at all. I ran into two other "Thin Air" blogsites, and the term "Thin Air" has been used for a whole lotta things. So over the next few postings, I'll feature various "Thin Air" things here and there. I wish I was more computer-savvy; I'd install the little gizmo you see below as a "header" for my blog. Oh well. But I think it's kinda cool...

I think this is used by some Colorado TV station; I suppose that anyone who lives in that state, has an inherent right to claim "thin air". Me, I use it because I grab my ideas out of thin air, whether they make sense or not. That's easy to tell as you read my postings!

News-4 aired a little "kicker" story about a little kid who emerged from a dentist's office with a bruised cheek. Seems that the little boy cried out in pain, even after several novocaine injections, and the dentist got P.O.'ed, swore at the kid, and HIT HIM and told him to shut up! That is not so far-fetched. I had the same thing happen to me in the dentist's chair. I was getting wisdom teeth pulled. I got injected over and over, and still there was pain. The dentist's face turned red, he clenched his shaking fist, and I thot he was gonna blow his stack. Hey, man, pain is PAIN and I don't think some dentists have any clue of how badly they scare people. Like me.

National news juxtaposition department: (2 stories in today's paper)

ITEM #1: Exxon Mobil is raking in high profits in spite of (or because of) all the hurricane disasters the southern U.S. has been facing. An interesting point in all of this: The service-station owners ain't gettin' any richer!

ITEM #2: The Red Cross is faced with borrowing money in its quest to (attempt to) alleviate the effects of the Hurricane disasters. So, I think Exxon Mobil should get together with the Red Cross and share the wealth! Yeah, right, dream on...

It didn't just RAIN this afternoon in Coeur d'Alene, it rained CATS AND DOGS! How do I know? I stepped in a "poodle". Let's just say that the coffee shop had a "captive clientele" for a couple of hours while the rain poureth down. Funny it was raining 'cats & dogs', I didn't see the "Animal Control" truck on the streets. But the Parking Nazi in his little tin cart was out there putting his infantile chalk marks on tires. I wonder how many people got parking tickets because the rain washed the chalk offa the tires? "Oh, no chalk mark YET, so I can park here a little longer!", a typical downtown worker who parks all day on the streets might say to him/herself upon checking the tyres of his/her vehicle.

Spokane's "Rookery" block, which contains historic old buildings in its downtown, is on "death watch" now. Look for a swinging wrecker ball to swing thru the atmosphere pretty soon. Hmmm, Spokane has something in common with obviously doesn't care about its history! Maybe the guy who bought the Davenport should buy the Rookery block. How 'bout it?

62% of those polled are in favor of recalling Spokane Mayor Jim West. One person who spoke of that situation said, that even if Mr. West has done a good job as mayor, he still has no ethics as far as his current troubles are concerned. Mr. West should just step down; he'd save the people of Spokane (as well as himself) a lot of grief and agony. Even if he has to forego some sort of "pension" or whatever in doing so.

I don't go "to the movies" as a rule, but there's a couple of new ones that I'm tempted to go see. And of course, if I go to the movies, I HAVE to get greasy popcorn. It's a rule. If you don't have greasy popcorn at a movie, you're a COMMUNIST! Anyway, one movie is the story of the Ed Murrow TV program that took Senator McCarthy (who accused everyone else of being a communist) to task for his pathologically fanatical pursuit of those he thought were "unamerican". The other movie is the story of Johnny Cash, who is one of my heroes. His "prison" albums (Folsom and San Quentin) are true musical documents. So, what's it gonna cost me to see two movies at CDA's new paranoid-complex multi-cinema monolith? Do I need to take out a loan to afford 'em?

I read that this year's World Series was the lowest-viewed, EVER. People weren't that interested in baseball this year. Why? Last year, Boston was the sentimental favorite because it hadn't won a series since the Ice Age, and this year, the White Sox embarked upon a similar quest. They hadn't won the series since the age of the Dinosaurs. But for those who didn't watch, you missed some great baseball. Every game was a thriller. Well, maybe next year the Chicago Cubs will win it all. They haven't won a world series since the dawn of creation.

I finally figured out how to program my VCR! Actually, if I can do it, that means one of two things: Either I'm smarter than I thot, or VCR's today are less complicated than when they first came out. The reason I did this was because the "Imus in the morning" show on MSNBC is on too damn early/late for me to watch conveniently. Don Imus and his gang are irreverent, they say what's on their minds, and there are 2 or 3 different "newsmakers" (or "newsFakers") on every day. I find it both hilariously entertaining and very informative. Plus, I miss the days when I used to work in a radio studio, surrounded by all that broadcast equipment. So, watching a "radio broadcast on TV" is actually kinda cool. I feel like a fly on the wall. SWAT!

One of Prezzident Bush's associates, "Scooter" something, found out today he's being indicted for telling "untruths" in the current scandal following the outing of a CIA Operative, whose husband was critical of the Bush administration. A guest on "Imus" this morning likened the current mental state of the administration to be not unlike that of the Iran/Contra scandal. Politicians snapping at everyone right and left, along with a general climate of paranoia. Which'll destroy ya. Maybe in the end, Bush's ignorance will save him. But only if he didn't know what was going on. Which, in his case, is a distinct possibility, especially with others on his staff "Rove-ing" around...stay tuned!

This week, I finally managed to get out to the Rustlers' Roost in Hayden Lake, for breakfast. Like the old song says, "Don't get around much anymore". I'd forgotten how large their breakfasts were! MMMMMM! I like the "Stagecoach" breakfast, which features a hamburger steak with home fries, biscuit and gravy. I also liked Woody McEver's campaign sign, which carried a "Western Rustler's" theme: "WANTED FOR CITY COUNCIL: WOODY". I guess that's his way, I've gotta say it...."Rustling" up votes?

As y'all can tell, I'm having fun with the blog these days. I read the paper most every day, and I'll jot down things to write about. Plus, I'll gripe about things I run across elsewhere, too. I am subject to 'energy fluctuations', though. Some days, maybe I won't post, or maybe I'll just do a single-item post. After all, when you're in "thin air", anything can happen. Including jumping out of the airplane if maybe once in a while I'll do the ol' "blog-bail". When you read my blogs, feel free to comment, and check the comments section, because I'll post my responses there. And without a doubt...I'm "over and out"!


Blogger Phil said...

Hey Dave, you'll probably pay $6 or $7 for a matinee showing at the new theater. But the killer is that POPCORN! I don't know how they can justify $10 for a small bag of popcorn and a drink. Which probably cost them about 50 cents total. It's kind of outrageous how people think they HAVE to pay those prices.

Of course, if everyone just boycotted the concession stand I supposed the theaters would go out of business.

I'm thinking it's more and more worth it to rig up some sort of home theater with a big-screen TV and surround sound. We watch a lot of movies, but 98% of them are via DVD.

10:54 AM  
Blogger animadvert said...

What I dislike about just about every movie theater these days is how loud they drive the sound. They've gone well beyond surround sound and into deafening experiences. You can put together a reasonably good home system for not a ton of $$$.

9:05 PM  
Blogger stebbijo said...

I make google because I have worked on my 'pen name' for many years as my signature when forums were first established off of mainstream online media and commenting on websites. I have always stuck to one name and identified my real name with such. However, you have to know what that is! Ha! Ha!

It is a stebbijo thing and my trademark.

9:32 PM  
Blogger little ol' me said...

Phil...I know some folks who sneak their own stuff into the theatres. Maybe I could sneak in a plastic bottle of Pepsi (do the theatres have metal detectors?) (There I go being paranoid again)...but greasy popcorn, well, it's part of the movie experience. Even if it is grossly overpriced. I do know many convenience stores say they make NOTHING from gas; they make all their $$$ from food & drink items.

Mr. ANIMA: I don't go to many theatre movies, but yeah, the sound is waaaay up, that's for sure. I don't need a good "home system"; I'm content with the speakers on my RCA TV. Most movies I watch are DVD or VHS. But you've GOTTA see James Bond Movies on the big screen. Although I'm disillusioned now that Pierce Brosnan isn't Bond anymore.

HIYA, STEBBI! I suppose if I entered "Stebbi" on "Google", I'd get "watch out, she's dangerous" or something like that. I've googled "CDADAVE" and gotten lots of listings. However, so far, there is only one "Thin Air" listing for me. Maybe if I typed in "Thin HAIR" under "google images", I'd get a picture of me?

12:23 AM  
Blogger stebbijo said...

Well - actually stebbi is NOT me --because we all know that! But doesn't really matter unless you have 'an agenda.'

Someday you might have to PROVE who you are! ;-)

7:21 PM  
Blogger little ol' me said...

Well, Stebbi...I don't feel the need to go around proving who I am, for I am secure in my blog identity, and I'm far, far away from requiring any "cyber-auto-external-validation". I am who I am. I can live with that. Although, sometimes it's rough. I need a vacation from ME sometimes. I think that's called 'sleep', right?

1:57 AM  

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