Sunday, October 23, 2005


I couldn't think of anything constructive to post, so I took a day off. I might end up doing that more often, who knows. Couldn't think of anything to gripe about. So is that progress? Maybe...could be I'm a little more content with things these days. Me, content? Scary thought!

So here's a weird little thing I got from a computer friend of mine. You've heard of "hair of the dog", right? When you've really "tied one on", it can feel like you've shortened your life expectancy a bit. I used to do that until the hangovers began lasting longer and longer. So maybe, with "this" concoction, maybe you'll "add" lives? (Nine lives and all that).


Other assorted flotsam and jetsam, courtesy of THIN AIR:

If the first two games are any indication, this is gonna be one heckuva exciting World Series, between the White Sox and the Astros. Both teams have good pitching, but they've also got some great hitting going on. Sometimes scoreless 'pitchers' duels' can get boring; I wanna see them baseballs soar! And, there's been great defense, too. Especially on the part of White Sox 3rd baseman Joe Crede. (I think that's his first name...)

Driving adventures in good old CDA, Part One: Going to my regular Java place in downtown CDA on Saturday, I turned up 4th Street from Front Avenue, (a one-way street going north), and was promptly greeted by a doe-headed Washington motorist going THE WRONG WAY down the street. How the heck do you prepare for something like that? Maybe that's one of those cases where you actually want a "Hummer Gas Hog"...if someone hits you head-on and you're driving one of those, you'll WIN! (Unless the oncoming party is driving a SEMI!)

It's getting to be "political season" around these parts...heck, around the whole country, for that matter. I am so burned out on politics. The only time you see these people, really, is when they want your vote. And even the 'few' good politicians out there can succumb to dirty-tricks, attacks, lobbying, political pressures, whatever. The more I read about candidates and issues, the more confused I get. And when the political attack ads outnumber the positive ads, it just makes me want to ignore the whole process. I suppose the question should be asked (and seriously considered): "WHAT IF THEY GAVE AN ELECTION AND NO ONE CAME?"

Speaking of Politix, I came away with a creeping sense of perspective recently: One of the talking heads said that Prezzident Bush was gonna be in office, what, up thru January 2009? Gosh, we've got over 3 years left with this guy...he was a LAME DUCK before he got elected the first time! Will we be in Iraq that entire time? And how many more thousands of senseless deaths will result? I don't see our nation making a whole lotta progress in any one direction for quite a while. Just imagine the backlash against all things Republican in the 2008 elections! Because I feel that we, as a nation, will be 'stagnating' up until that time. Not a pretty picture.

The weathermaps show Hurricane Wilma increasing in intensity as it heads straight towards Florida; the MSNBC correspondent in Miami tried to do a "live report" and his jacket was being blown off by strong winds as he spoke. Never having lived on the East Coast or along the Gulf, I must ask: Why do people live there, if disastrous Hurricanes are a regular seasonal happening in those parts of the country? I suppose if it's "home", it's home! That's the only answer I can think of.

Driving adventures in good old CDA, part two: Heading down 15th Street, at about 7pm Saturday night, I had to look twice and tell myself, "no, you're NOT on the freeway". The speed limit is 25. It was dark. A bunch of cars were crawling down the street, doing the speed limit, me included. All of a sudden, the car in front of me PASSED the vehicle in front of it. On a busy 2-lane neighborhood street. Creeps like that...only make car insurance rates higher for EVERYONE.

If you're into music, especially the music of DEEP PURPLE, you're invited to check out the post below this one. Right now, I've run outta things to say. Thankfully, rrrright?


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