Friday, October 21, 2005


On the interactive blogsite I visit, "Huckleberries Online" (, a guy who goes by the name "Family Phil" posted a gorgeous photo of someone sitting by the lake, with the sun's reflection gleaming off the water; the photo was so astonishingly "liquid" in nature, you could almost feel the moisture of the water.

So I decided to post a little something here...Sunset, over Coeur d'Alene Lake, this evening, about 4 hours ago, as I'm posting this now. My goofy camera sees things a "bit different" than the human eye does; there was much more light at that time than this photo indicates:

Plus, since this is a photo of a photo (a webcam shot of a photo I took), it appeared really "washed out", so I had to run this image through my computer's photo-enhancing program. In the photo, the sun is about ready to set; that's Mica Peak you see off in the distance, with the "#4" lifeguard tower on City Beach in the foreground, and the lake in-between.

It kinda looks like one of those "arty" shots, doesn't it? When you have a cheap Polaroid camera, you pretty-much hafta accept it's gonna see things the way IT sees things, and NOT the way YOU see things. So, you can try to adjust the light filter, but really when you shoot your shot, you've gotta hope for the best. Sunset in CDA. Gotta love it!


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